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NOTE - The solo has a couple of odd chords with some tricky finger positions. If you are 
playing it alone, might I suggest just repeating parts of the instrumental to make 
playing the song easier. Good luck and enjoy!


C  - x32010
Fm - 133111
G  - 320003
D  - xx0232
G7 - 320001

[Solo Chords]
Cm - x35543
G# - 466544
D# - xx1343
C# - x43121

Intro - C  Fm  C  Fm  C  G  C

C    Fm      C    Fm      C       
G       C
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing, resolve made of steel,
G                    C
You've got all the good cards baby,
G                C
Don't say no and don't say maybe
D                 G    D              G     G7
What you fighting for, what is it you fight for?

Instrumental - C  Fm  C  Fm  C  G  C

               G  C  G  C  D  G  
D  G G7

               C  Fm  C

[ Tab from: ]
C     Fm   C        Fm       C          
G         C
It's OK to not have answers, they don't have them anyway.
G                  C
Save that bullshit for the bedroom,
G                     C
That's where all your best work gets done,
D                  G     D                G G7
You're all by your self, you're your only lover.

Solo - Cm  G#  Cm  G#  Cm  G# 
D# G#

       D#  G#  D#  G#  C#  C  
C#  D#

C       Fm        C         Fm     C        
G          C
What do you think you'll do to me, that you have not already done?
G                  C
Why don't you try sticking your dick,
G               C
Into to all the things that you bought,
D                     G     D                   G    
With your hard earned cash, you don't know what trash is.

Outro - C  Fm  C  Fm  C  G  C