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Button Smasher Chords

Band: The Copyrights
Song: Button Smasher
Album: Mutiny Pop (7" version the same)
Label: Insubordination

Great pop punk song from a great pop punk band. I went ahead and wrote the chords 
out as if you have heard the song. The lead guitar just plays octave powerchords 
over the rhythm guitar.

Chords used:


D5 -  x577xx
A5 -  577xx
E5 -  022xx
F#5 - 244xx
G5 -  355xx

Main rif: D,A,G

Hey there button smasher

I'm not going to let you win no more
      F#5                      G5                D
cause you're really beating my score and I'm loving it

Hey there button smasher
[ Tab from: ]
I taught you everything you know
     F#5            G5                 D
so you gotta let me know how you're doing it

E5            F5               D
The guys are lining up to play you
E5            F5          D
they start by letting you win
E5            F5           D
but pride it over powers hormones

and they try and try and try x2

but their never gonna beat you

(main riff) x2

They try, and try, and try
They try, and try, and try
They try, and try, and try
They try, and try, and try

D                 A   G
Hey there button smasher (but they're never gonna beat you)

The Lead just plays:

D Ocave x5x7 sliding from C# - just listen because I'm lazy.

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