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Saturday Chords

                          SATURDAY - The Clientele
Tabbed by:Sezar


Intro: G7  F7  E Esus Em [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]

Emaj7                [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]        [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]         [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
The taxi lights were in your eyes so warm against st. mary's spires

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]                      [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
the carnival was over in the rain

Emaj7                  [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]           [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]        [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
And arm in arm through vincent street the evening hanging like a dream

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]             [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]                Emaj7 D#m7 C#m7 B7 A7
i touched your face and saw the night again

Emaj7              [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]           [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]           [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]          
And in your arms i watched the stars ascend and sweep a loneliness

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]    [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
away for a while

Emaj7                  [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]         [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]         [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
Your fingers white and locked in mine i kiss your face i kiss your eyes
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[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]               [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]         Emaj7 D#m7 C#m7 B7 A7
until they turn to me and softly smile

Emaj7             [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]        [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]      [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
And empty hearted i walked on the river flowing to the song of the

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]                         [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
evening in the darkness and the rain

Emaj7                     [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]            [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]           [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
The christmas lights were far down stream the wind so lonely and unreal

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]         [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]                       {Emaj7 D#m7 C#m7 B7 A7}x2
i saw your face and i thought you were a dream

FM         E                                   B
But when i saw your eyes what could i do? what could i say, my love?

FM          E                       B
your kisses they will hide away the stars

Emaj7              [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]           [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]             [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
It's Saturday, the evening's come the football crowds have all gone home

[ch]Dmaj7/A[/ch]                             [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
but still behind this window i look on

Emaj7                [ch]Emaj7/D#[/ch]       [ch]Emaj7/C#[/ch]            [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]
December's leaves so slowly fall to cars that break the evening's pall

Dma             [ch]Emaj7/B[/ch]                {Emaj7 D#m7 C#m7 B7 A7}x2
and i will wait for you to come tonight