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Bad Sun Chords

This is my first tab, and though the Bravery uses a lot of synth, i thought this would 
fun to play acoustic. Email me with any questions

Intro(whistling high E for intro also easiest played going down and back up)-

A, B, C#, E, E, D, C#, 
E, D, C#, B, E, D, C#, A

or, if you can whistle it, keep strumming A

Verse 1-

We are lies like the summertime
Like the spring we are such fools
Like fall we are the prophets
Like winter we are cruel

Verse 2(same chords)-
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I don't know what's wrong with us
They just made us this way
There's a hole in you and me
That pulls us together


B#           D             A      (high) E, D, C#
And I don't know where we belong
B#           D             A
I think we grew under a bad sun
B#           D             A      (high) E, D, C#
I know we're not like everyone
B#           D             A
You and me we grew under a bad sun


Verses 3 and 4-
Every day you bring me pain
And we savor it like rain
We hold it on our tongues
Just like wine

Someday back when we were young
I guess something just went wrong
The two of us are hung
From the same twisted rope


Break- Strum Verse


Outro same as intro while repeating "You and me we grew, under a bad sun"