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My Tiger My Heart Chords

The chords for 'My Tiger My Heart' by 'The Boy Least Likely To' (

Tabbed by Rob Leyland (

Intro: Hold G chord and play bottom and top string alternately 6 times starting and ending on the bass note.

G             Em
As sweet as a plum

C             G
And lovely as dawn

C           G               D
Rolling its tongue over its gums

G              Em
Like tiger and me

C                 G
As happy as could be

C              D
Sat out on the porch

       Bm           C
As the whole of the sky
Am               D
Clouds quietly over

       Bm         C
And it starts to cry

Am               D
Softly on my shoulder

         Am           D
We don't want to grow up

       Am           D
But we have to grow up
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G           Em
As sad as I am

C         G
I do understand

C         G
I do understand,

It just makes me sad

G           Em
My tiger my heart

C              G
We're growing apart

C                   D
We're trying to be friends

         Bm        C
But it's hard sometimes

Am                 D
To be friends with something

     Bm      C
That eats butterflies

Am         D
And pencil sharpeners

Am                   D
And i think it would be

Am            D
Happier being free

G           Em
My tiger my friend

C            G
My little godsend

C          G                     D
I know someday we'll be happy again


Lovely little song about growing up, best played on a steel string acoustic.