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Hugging My Grudge Chords

The Boy Least Likely to
Hugging My Grudge 
The Best Party Ever

Tabbed By Tim T.  

It sounds like it might be a 12-string guitar used in this song. Or not.
Capo 5th Fret. Standard Tuning.
All chord shapes relative to capo.                         F#/A
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Intro/verse: fingerpick over these chords                   o
[A     Amaj7   A   F#/A]x2 <----- this chord is weird -->   2 
D         DI  DII   A                                       4
           ^   ^                                            x
           5   4                                            x
           3   3
           2   2
           0   0
           x   x  
           x   x


Bm                E
I've always been chasing rainbows
Bm               E
Staring out of classroom windows.
G                  D        Bm
I don't think I'll ever be happy,
                         D         E   E7  E
Unless I'm unhappy and hugging my grudge.

Thats pretty much it. Listen to the song for the fingerpicking pattern and strumming patttern. Great song.