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The Answer Chords

The BossHoss - The Answer (Liberty of Action)

Capo 2nd

Intro: Em  G  D (listen to the song to get the rhythm)

East, West, up and down,
left, right,from town to town
D                           Am
I'm still searching for the answer.
I met kings, queens, saints, sinners, 
fools, burns, freaks and winners - 
D                         Am
they couldn't give me the answer.

   G                          Em
My heart still burns and will follow you. 
        D                 Am
It will never ever change direction 
               G                   Em
'cause I'm not smart enough not to follow you 
I'm movin' on...
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Em                     G                      D       Am
I am searching for the answer and I'll keep on trying 
   Em                    G                      D
to arrive in time at the final place where I can find it 
          Am                 Em                                                Intro
I just hope that I won't die before

I've been to church - no regrets, 
went through hell twice and back - 
I couldn't find no answer.
I learned Latin, Greek and Chinese, 
I've seen the world, sailed the seas - 
I found no answer. 





Refrain 2x


It's my first tab. I think it's sounds pretty good but if you have some 
improvements, please send them to

Have fun and keep on rockin' !