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Lets Take The Long Way Home Chords

Hey, saw this tab and just changed it a little, see what you think with the changes.  It sounds ok to me?

F                Bb
So tired of this heavy load.
F                         Bb
I've been carrying it for so long.
Dm                   Bb
I don't know what it wants with me.
Lord, please let me be.

F (x4)
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F                                Bb
Rolling dice on my hotel room bed.
F                                                Bb
Man, it feels so nice to love some one she said.
C                      Bb                           F
Cause when the evening comes I'm scared to be bad all by myself.
C                      Bb                        F
And I know exactly how it feels to be by myself.

And now she's singing,
F                                   Bb
Happiness always scared me half to death.
F                                    Bb
Never had myself no lovin' to caress."
C                        Bb                                  F
Little darling stop those tears and dry your eyes, I'm a be right here.
C                          Bb                               F
And I'd really love to stay tonight, if you'll have me here.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.
F                               Bb
Little girl you know I love you so.
Dm                               Bb
Let's take it easy now and simmer down.
C                                       F
Little girl, let's take the long way home.