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Hey Jude Chords

                               Hey Jude

Why nobody has corrected the 6 versions of this classic song yet is beyond me.

Cappo is on 1st

		      E                B
		Hey Jude dont make it bad
		     E  B7                         E
		take a  sad   song  and make it better
		 A                             E
		Remember to let her into your heart
		                   B               E
		and then you can start to make it better
[ Tab from: ]
		      E              B
		Hey Jude dont be afraid
		      E   B7                           E
		you were made    to  go   out and get her
		     A                              E
		The minute you let her under your skin
		           B                E     E7
		then you begin to make it better

		                          A        Am   F#m
		And anytime you feel the pain hey jude refrain
		      F#m7       B                  E    E7
		dont carry the world upon your shoulders
		                              A        Am      F#m
		For well you know that its a fool who plays it cool
		     F#m7       B               E
		by making his world  a little colder

		 E        D        A             E
		Na Na Na Nananana Nananana Hey Jude

Etc etc

Someone is more than welcome to finish/perfect this, but for now I need sleep. (Which 
be a lot easier knowing people will be playing the right chords for this song)

Oh and this is my first :)