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Sorry Man Chords

Use a slow folk rythm, sounds better if finger-picked!!  Also, I think it sounds 
a lil cleaner if you Capo 2nd.

Sorry Man by The Avett Brothers

...brought to you by 96swedes

G         D      G

Your mama doesnt like me

G                  D     C

She thinks Im a so-orry man

G                  D       G
When she tells her friends about me
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G                D     C
She says Im a so-orry man

        G             D
and she asks you each day

why would you stay, with a 

   D   C
so-orry man

     D       G             C
Well Ive got news for your ma

       D        G    C
Im the best she ever saw

D           G         C    D          G   
Noone could love your daughter like I do

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