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Time Stands Still Chords

This is my first tab so its probably not right at all. It sounds relatively simple though.

Just play a C chord for two measures then play an F chord for two meaures then repeat. The strum pattern changes often so yoll need to figure it out
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C         F
Him and her
C         F
Life is turned
C                                          F
The day I knew you would leave
C               F
I can barely breathe
Can you hear me scream
C                     F
Thrown in all directions
C                 F
Epitome of perfections
C                  F
Shes lost her will
C                       F
Time is standing still......... So on and so forth

Sorry, im too lazy to write anymore. Theres a part later on in the song that may be,wrong so... Figure it out yourself if it sounds wrong. Please comment for any recommendations on how to make it better.