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All at once- The Airborne Toxic Event

This is one awesome song. Hope you guys enjoy

We were born without time

Nameless in the arms
      C                     G
Of a mother, a father, and God

When the world would wait for us

A thousand years in the crush
       D                   C
Of our eyes, fearless, in awe
    G                        C
So quietly, wed fade into sleep
With nothing on our minds

G         C G
Hoo, hoo, hoo

And then we long to be loved

In the rush, we become
      C                           G
Some things we thought we'd never be
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We were surprised by our heart
Left weary and scarred
By the nights spent feeling incomplete
               D                        C
And all those evenings swearing at the sky
Wishing for more time
         D                          C
All the promises we broke when we tried
Just wastin' our time

G     C G
Hoo, hoo~

We grow old all at once

And it comes like a punch
       C                        G
In the gut, in the back, in the face

When it seems someone cried

And our parents have died
        C                             G
Then we hold onto each other in their place
       D                       C
And I feel the water risin' around us
Maybe that's okay
         D                              C
Yeah, I feel the world changin' all at once
I guess it'll be okay

C G D   C D G  C D G
Hooooo, hoooo, hoooo~

[G (x4) C, G]x2
     D      C   G
And we all had one hope
           C               G
There was someone lookin' down
           D    C   G         C
When we return our bodies to each other
And the ground