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Over The Mountains Chords

-----------Texas Lightning----------------
----------Over the mountains--------------

Chords submitted by Dennis D. 

G                        Am    D                      G
Southern winds on runway three I can hear the engines calling
                     Am   D                          G
Like an arrow flying free And the rain just keeps on falling
                          Am     D                         G
And the shambling asphalt chimes Like a knife she cuts the silence
                          Am     D           G
Till she takes of and she glides Onto the horizon 

         C         D                     G
Over the mountains freedomís more than a ride in the wind
                     Am                  D
All the sorrows your heart held in fear
                     G                  C
Left behind now they all disappear
                       G                 D
And whatever seemed so mighty and tall
Ainít so big after all

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     G                   Am   D                           G
Here Iím standing in the haze I can see the clouds sheís climbing
                         Am  D                      G
As her tail lights fade away Till my eyes no longer find them
                       Am    D                      G
Thereís the echo hover sound Hear it hulling in the distance
                          Am   D           G
Like sheís calling out my name I have no resistance

Solo (Repeat chorus)

         G           Am    D                      G
Now itís silent everywhere Rain is creeping in my shoes and
                      Am      D                    G
I smell coffee in the air     Realize that I could use one
                     Am     D                     G
And wherever she may fly    On this other world arrival
                        Am   D              G
Over hills and trees so high Thatís where I travel

Chorus (2x)

Greetings to the guys of "Skull Handled Bangers"