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Brave Awakening Chords

Brave Awakening Chords. This is my first Tab here.  I made this to honor the great Terry 
Reid and this amazing song.

Brave Awakening - Terry Reid
Chords By Joey Laca

Standard Tuning

Intro   Listen for the song to familiarize with the hammering and walkdowns

C,F - G -----

Mother I fear for the laddies
C                Em7                   Am
There ain't much more coal to go down to
C                Em7
There ain't much more soul
To get round to
Not anymore

Mother I hear for the laddies
C                Em7              Am,Am7
Ain't much more soul to get round to
C                Em7               Am,Am7
Lessening of companies that are finding
Things to bind to it anymore

 C                          D7
I'd hate to just realise why
C                          D
That company's getting so shy
C                            D,Dsus
The bairns don't have get-togethers
      Dsus                  G   C   hammer to F
Round here not anymore       Shame...

Mother I hear for the laddies
C             Em7            Am,Am7
Talking 'bout going on down to
C              Em7             Am,Am7,Am
The town where the money's just bound to
        G, Gsus
Surely just ease the door

It's happening all over the city
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C                      Em7
There ain't much more doubt
To get down to
C                  Em7
Lessening of reasons
That can send you
     G          G
Back down for more

C                              D7
They're telling their sisters of why
C                             D
Feelings that pass them close by
All that they seek
Is what they're wanting to keep
C                                        D7sus
And it's glistening right there in their eyes   Nooo,

So mother I fear for the laddies
C             Em7            Am
Father says no one goes down to
C            Em7                    Am
The face of some mine no boy of mine's
Gonna be bound to, anymore

The future, a brave new awakening
C           Em               Am
Have to no more go back down to
C                                   Am
The bowels of this earth that will take you
 G                 Gsus    G7 Gsus  G
Away from home and more

Finally got to know

Am    G      Am

noooo  noooo

  G              Am
Everybody working going down down  working in a coal mine  going
   G                 Am     G      Am     Fadeee....
  downnnnnnn  2 x

I hope you guys enjoy it. Like I did making it.   Thanks Terry Fucking Reid!!!!!