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Snake Lake Tab

Snake Lake by Tera Melos

This song is absolutely drenched in effects, and I have no idea whats going on in terms 
of effects.
I just put a bit of distortion with spring reverb put through the roof and it did okay.

This is played consistently throughout the song until during the bass solo and at the end.

      B        Esus2
e |---7--------------------|
B |---7--------5--4--------|
G |---8--------4-----------|
D |---9--------4-----------|
A |---9--------7-----------|
E |---7--------------------|

During the bass solo this chord progression is played once. I'm not a hundred percent on 
the C#m
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tera_melos/snake_lake_tab.html ]
      B    C#m   E    G#m
e |---7----9----------4---------------------|
B |---7----9-----9----4---------------------|
G |---8----9-----9----4---------------------|
D |---9----11----9----6---------------------|
A |---9----11----7----6---------------------|
E |---7---------------4---------------------|

The bass solo on guitar.

e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------|
G |---8~--9-6---13(b14)---11~(b12)--8-9---6--13(b14)---|
D |----------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------|

And the outro goes.

      E   E   B   B       E   E   B   A   G   G#m
e |-----------7---7---|-----------7---5-----------|
B |---9---9---7---7---|---9---9---7---5---3---4---|
G |---9---9---8---8---|---9---9---8---6---4---4---|
D |---9---9---9---9---|---9---9---9---7---5---6---|
A |---7---7---9---9---|---7---7---9---7---5---6---|
E |-----------7---7---|-----------7---5---3---4---|