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Ufo Chords

Artist    ~ Tenacious d
Song      ~ UFO
Tabbed by ~ Terry Sims (Masterofdarknes)
Email     ~ Floyd_Fan89@teenspot.com

E				     F
Rock the house with the UFO's for fun
E				F
They didn't come to harm no one 
E			 F
They are not confined to Area 51, noooooooho 
E				F	G    F   E
Rock the house with the UFO's for fun  
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E			 F
How did they get here from ever so far away 
E				   F
I hear you mumbling, bumbling, skeptics so you say.
E					F
You ever heard of a wrinkle in time 
E				        F			G	F	G       F
That's how they got here, through a wrinkle in time  ahhhhhhow

E					F
All you wide eyed innocence man you need the UFO 
E		F
Just like a truck iron 
E					F
Do you think you'd like to have a rectal probe shot up your ass 
Do you think you'd like that 
F			G	F	G      F
Do you, motherfucker, fuck  
E				F
There's no such thing as a UFO

E:   0  2  2  1  0  0
F:   1  3  3  2  1  1
G:   3  5  5  4  3  3