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Beelzeboss Chords

Hey you Acoustic Rockers out there!
This is the song Beelzeboss (the Final Showdown) from Tenacious D's new album. So far 
only tabbed the acoustic parts, where Jables and Kage sing. Distortion (the devil's) parts 
come soon! Enjoy this great song

First acoustic part (0:42)
      B      D      F#                G
(JB)  Waaait Waaait Waaait you mother-fucker
      G            D        A
      we challenge you to a rock off,
      G           D                   A
(Both)Give us one chance to rock your socks off

Second acoustic part (1:24)
(JB)  If we win,
      E                  Am                  E
      you must take your sorry ass back to hell
      E                 Am   F  C   G   A
      and also you will have to pay our rent


           G               (strum on...
(JB)  Then you can take Kage back to hell..
(KG)  What!?
(JB)  Trust me kage it's the only way
(KG)  What the fuck are you talkin about?
            ...)        C
(JB)  To be your little bitch

Third acoustic part (3:03)

Tenacious D:
(JB)  NOOOO! c'mon Kage bring the thunder
                      Gm                             Bb
(KG)  There's just no way that we can win that was a masterpeice
(JB)  Listen to me-
                  D                              Gm
(KG)  He rocks to hard because he's not a mortal man
(JB)  God dammit Kage,
      he's gonna make you his sex slave,
      your gonna gargle Mayonnaise
(KG)  Noo
                D                          Gm
(JB)  Unless we bust a massive monster mamajam
(KG)  Dude,
      we've been through so much shit
(JB)  De-activated lasers with my dick
      Bb                                D
(BOTH)Now it's time to blow this fucker down
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(JB)  c'mon Kage now it's time to blow doors down
      Eb                         Bb           F
(KG)  I hear you Jables now it's time to blow doors down
(JB)  Light up the stage cuz its time for a showdown
      Eb                             Bb         F
(KG)  We'll bend you over then we'll take ya to brown town
(BOTH)Now we've got to blow this fucker down
      Eb                       Bb          F
(KG)  He's gonna rape me if we do not blow doors down
(JB)  C'mon Kage cuz it's time to blow doors down
      Eb               Bb           F
(KG)  OOOOOOh (?) It's time for the black out

this is the part where the distorted guitar comes in, just play the power chords with a 
of palm muting

             Gm              D
(JB)  Hey educationer, Beelzeboss,
                   Bb                  D
      we know your weakness our rocket-sauce
                  Gm                     D
      we rock the cassbaw, and blow your mind
                Bb                   D
      we will defeat you, for all mankind
                   Gm                   D
      you hold the scepter, we hold the key
                  Bb                F
      you are the devil, we are the D
                 Gm            D
(BOTH)We are the D, We are the D
                 Bb            F
      We are the D, We are the D
                Gm             D
      We are the D, We are the D
                 Bb            F
      We are the D, We are the D
                Gm             D     (Go nutz from here :D )
      We are the D, We are the D
                 Bb            F
      We are the D, We are the D
                Gm             D
      We are the D, We are the D
                 Bb            F    End on G
      We are the D, We are the D

I hope you liked my tab, I'm pretty sure about it! If you like, please rate it :D If you 
any corrections or just want to tell me something write me: h.low@web.de
Rest of the song will come soon (i hope)