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Portable People Chords

                             Portable People - Ten Years After 
Album : Alvin Lee and Company (1972)
Tempo : 167
E-mail: gwendal.mollo@orange.fr
Tabbed by: newg

The guitar is a open A (EAEADbE) but this is for standard tuning 

Chords : E (x79997)
Riff intro 
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See them at the airport with their cases in their hand
                         E       A
Got a ten day package in another land
They're the jet age gypsies with a super-sonic sound
                                      E               A
They're the portable people, and they take themselves around

Chorus :
D                D      C      A 
Portable people, flyin' in the air
E                D     C     A 
Portable people, goin' everywhere
Por....ta....ble - Peo....ple!

Riff intro 

Bridge : 
A D A  
A E A       Repeat 2 times

Riff intro 


See them at the window with a panoramic view
                                            E              A
It's the only time they've noticed that the sky is colored blue
One will have a cloak and a pair of wooden clogs
                             E               A 
He liked the avocado, but he didn't like the vase