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Over The Hill Chords

Over The Hill  Ten Years After

Intro: E  A  D  G  C  Cmaj9
 then this lick:

 E-/4----0-|  then E

The Cmaj9 is basically just a walk-down from the C to get to the Am, the whole chord is 
strummed, but this is the chord anyway:
The intro is picked in an ascending fashion from low E to high E

      E            A
I got water on the brain
   D               G
My mind is like a drain
C    Cmaj9  Am
Here I go again
Over the hill    <-- play the lick over this line.
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    E                  A
My eyes dont seem too clear
    D              G
Im not sure what I hear
   C       Cmaj9   Am
It seems Im going clear
 (lick)   E
Over the hill

G			      G G#
Like a cripple and his crutch
A  			     A B
I have leaned a bit too much
C                                G
Seems that I should never touch again
Bb			     Bb B
Now it seems its plain to see
C                           C   D
That this stuff is killing me
Eb				D
Got to quit, so, Ill be free again

   E               A
I got too much to lose
    D               G
No one can fill my shoes
 C	   Cmaj9     Am
Think Ill leave the blues
(lick)   E
Over the hill