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Restless And Wandering Chords

Restless and Wandering
F#M                    D      
So many miles through desert sage,  

So many mistakes Ive made 
A                             E7
I stop for shade and see her wave
F#M                                D
A face thats hard and lined, With stories, roads, and time
A                   E7
But her eyes shine Into mine
F#M                     D                 A                               
In another time with a different start, Where the heavens part we shared a
F#M                     D                       A        E7
She never spoke a word, but in my mind I heard all she endured
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A                D              E7
You are not the only one whose lost 
A                D                 E7
Yours is not the only heart feels pain 
F#M          Cm           D                A
Weve walked together on countless rainy nights 
D            A                 E7
Restless and wandering in the rain 
D            A          E7
Restless and wandering again
F#M                           D                             
For a hundred miles or more, I saw the smile she wore
A                                 E7
Like an open door, To a distant shore
F#M                           D
When I stopped again to rest, With a beating chest
A                            E7
Ive tried my best, To find a test
F#M                 D
I saw another man, Beside a garbage can
A                             E7
His stained hands, Like mottled sand
F#M                         D
And as he looked at me, So calm and carefully
A                      E7
My eyes could see, and he said  (To CHORUS)

F#M                  D    
Now everyone I meet, on every forgotten street
A                                     E7
I feel their hearts beat, with noble heat
F#M                                  D                                  
The countless times theyve tried, the tears of rage they cried. 
A                           E7
The love thats died, deep inside
F#M                      D
We all are heaven bound, this is our proving ground
A                                 E7        F#M                        D
The life chose, when the wheel came round. I believe in eternity and chosen
           A                           E7
destiny, And Ill help you if you help me.