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 G             Am7        C            Em
 Please mother mercy take me from this place
         G           Am7           C             F
 And the long winded curses I keep hearing in my head
 G           Am7        C              Em
 Words never listen and teachers never learn
 G                     Am7          C               F
 Now I'm warm from the candle but I feel to cold to burn

 He came from an island and he died from the street
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    G                  Bb6                  Em7/A             
 He hurt so bad like a soul breaking but he never said nothing to me

 (N.C.)       G       D       C7
 Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven
 (N.C.)       G       D       C7
 Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven

 G          Am7   C           Em
 New like a baby, lost like a prayer
 G                Am7                C                    F
 The sky was your playground but the cold ground was your bed
 G        Am7         C                   Em
 Poor stargazer she's got no tears in her eyes
 G             Am7                    C                       
 Smooth like a whisper she knows that love heals all wounds with time

 G       Am7                   C              Em
 I never wanted to write these words down for you
            G        Am7        C                  F
 With these pages of phrases of things we'll never do
      G            Am7          C          Em
 So I blow out the candle and I put you to bed
           G                       Bb6
 Since you can't say to me how the dogs broke your bone
         B                         C
 There's just one thing left to be said ..yeah..

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