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This part repeats throughout song

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Bm                   A     Bm               A
Up on the high, high hills with my floating friend 
Bm               A       G               A
Watching all the silver  no one can ever spend
Bm                      A    Bm               A
I feel the touch of her hand and all it will erase
Bm                 A                    G                 A        
These footprints I followed though they followed my every pace 
Bm A   Bm A   Bm A     G                A
Days,  days,  days  be more than all we have
Bm                   A     Bm                    A
No matter how much I cross I always see the same stream
Bm                       A                G             A              
I'm standing up on these bridges that are standing in a dream
Bm A   Bm A   Bm A     G                A
Days,  days,  days  be more than all we have
Bm A   Bm A   Bm A
Days,  days,  days ..