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Head First Feet First Chords

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Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:16:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: head_first,_feet_first.crd by Telegraph

Song: Head First, Feet First
Band: Telegraph (formerly the Skolars)
Album: 10 Songs and more (1997)
Written by Telegraph
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is another great song by ska-core aces Telegraph, known until 
recently as the Skolars.  These are my version of the lyrics, and are 
probably filled with mistakes, but I'm sure of the chords.

Intro: (* means played quickly)
                          *       *
   Hi F  C   Hi F C   D   C   Bb  F
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Hi F     C         D              Bb
Just me, Just you. Scene status percieved separates us from 
   Hi F       C         D         Bb            Hi F
you. Just me, just you. Not gonna be like you.  Just me, 
C         D               Bb                            Hi F
just you. Scene status percieved separates us from you. Just 
    C         D               Bb
me, just you. I'm gonna see it through.

Bb  C  D  C  Bb
Bb  C  D  C  Hi F

Verse is played ska-style, with this progression repeated 
4 times.  Listen to the CD for the rhythym, you'll pick it up in a flash.
Progression: (4x)
    F   C   Dm  Bb
Them and them and you could tell I was right where you were before you 
reached the phone with no return. Well you're looking down at me and I'm 
looking up at you and I'm thinking to myself were we just equals? Explain 
to me, ha, and talk to me. Well all you do is point at me, it's such a 
misery. Yeah, it's a principle the obstacles you lift but isn't it an 
honor to take the next step?

Bridge(Play Bb-C(2x) with same chord formations as verse)
We'll put it in your face, but you can't hold up. You don't really care, 
I'll keep it to myself then.

Why you tellin people you don't think that I belong? All that's said 
tears me apart, and tell it to my face, so tell me if you can just what 
it is you do. Well I ain't done yet, so I could feel rest. Well I could 
be less than the person that I am, the person I became, the person you 
don't run around. Screw me and fight over something someone said, but 
there's just no way, that I'm gonna go now!  Hey! Hey!

Then play chorus

followed by chorus chords over this:
I want feet first, you want head first (3x) yeah!
Then play chorus again, and that's it!

I hope this makes some sense to you. E-mail me with any suggestions, 
comments, etc.