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I Just Need You Chords

I Found some of this song on a Christian tab site, but there was no pre-chorus or 
I did my best to fill in any part that wasn't there.
There maybe some problems with what I added, but hopefully you can hear anything that I 

P.S. This is my first tab.

Verse 1:
A                                E
To feel Your presence move upon me
Just like the wind
Blowing through the trees
A                     E
To be a part of your story
The story of love
And of our great need- for You
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Pre-Chorus 1:
Amaj7   E                D
You are perfect in every way
Amaj7  E                D
Untouched by time and space

I just need You
E                     D
Til You're all I can see
You're the Lord of Lords
        E       D
And the King of kings
                F#m    E         D
And Jesus, You're all this heart needs

Verse 2:

I hear the rain and the thunder
And in it hear Your voice
Crying out to me
"Come to Me you who are weary
And I will give you rest
I will set you free"

Pre-chorus 2:

At Your feet I will stay
Jesus I want to see Your face

Chorus 2x

A         E   D   Amaj7 A         
D         Amaj7 (Chords may be wrong)
I need You, I need You, I need You, I need You

To be a part of Your story
The story of love
And of our great need for You