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Lets Go Dancing Chords

Lets Go Dancing

Suggested chord positions:

Standar Tuning(eBGDAE)

    C#m    D#m    F#m   G#m   Am    Bm

Basically just play the three top notes of each chords, Sometimes the 4th on
the D#m in the verses, but listen to the record to figure it out.

C#m      D#m      x2
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C#m                     D#m   
      Our minds run in circles
C#m                           D#m
      Racing 'round the restaurant 
F#m                              G#m
      Searching for what more to say 
                      Am        Bm
To say what we really want 
C#m                          D#m
      Let's leave it like it is 
C#m                         D#m
      Stop staring at these walls 
F#m                                  G#m
      Let's not go headlong to that distance 
                             Am        Bm
Where you can't come back at all 

Let's go dancing 
Waltz around the rumour mill 
         C#m                   Am G#m F#m
In your faded dress with the daf-fo-dils 
G#m       Am        
Let's go dancing 
Bm                    C#m
     Let time stand still 

Verse 2(same chords)
Once your name was but a whisper 
A simple wish upon my tongue 
Staring at your shadow 
Was like staring at the sun 
In this dark, dark hour 
You still illuminate a room 
Oh God give us the power 
Gotta keep ourselves in tune 

Let's go dancing 
Waltz around the rumour mill 
In your faded dress with the daffodils 
Let's go dancing 
Let time stand still

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