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Amandas Dream Tab

No capo, standard tuning

e ----1---1-------1---1---|
B ----3---3-------3---3---|
G --2---2---2---2---2---2-|
D 0-----------0-----------|
A ------------------------|
E ------------------------|



Could you say goodbye without ever leaving...

(Dm)                 (G)
e ----1---1-------1---3-----------3---8-|
B ----3---3-------3-----3-----3-----2-8-|
G --2---2---2---2---2-----------0-----0-|
D 0-----------0-------------0---------x-|
A ------------------------------------7-|
E ------------------------3-----------8-| Break! And then agin and again until bridge

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/teitur/amandas_dream_tab.html ]
So she drives by the station
  (C)                     (Am)
e ------------------------------------------------|
B ------2-----------2-----------1-----------1-----|
G ----0-----------0-----------2-----------2-------|
D --2-------2---2-------2---2-------2---2------2--|
A 3-------3---3-------3---0-------0---0-------0---|
E ------------------------------------------------|
(And then there are 3 chords in a row, just before chorsus, but I couldn't figgure them out.
But they're pretty simple, I've just not spent time on finding them... I hope you'll find it)


(here I use chords, but sure you can "fingerpick it")
          Gm             C               F          Bb
Now she's waiting at the stoplights with nowhere to go
       Gm                        C               F              Bb
But in our town there's just one stoplight, oh I wish she would know

(Last in chorsus i "fingerpick" again)

There's a world outside her window

e ------------------------------------------------|
B ------1-----------6-----------1-----------6-----|
G ----2-----------7-----------2-----------7-------|
D --3-------3---8-------8---3-------3---8-------8-|
A 3-------3---8-------8---3-------3---8-------8---|
E ------------------------------------------------|


The C part is very easy. Just play F and Bb, as I've wrote 'em down in chorsus.

Thanks to Emil Bay Frantzen, Denmark;)