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So Jealous Chords

After looking at the other versions and watching a bunch of live performances, I'd say 
this is pretty accurate.


"Don't wanna be..."

"Part of the problem..."

"I try so hard...to get roughed up."


"I want the ocean right now..." x2


F#* (9 9 11 11 X X)
"I get so jealous, that I"
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D* (5 5 7 7 X X)
"can't even work" (x2)

Post Chorus:

E* (7 7 9 9 X X)
"There I am in the morning"

"I don't like what I see"


Just repeat each of those parts over again and that's it!

If you want to make the verse sound a little bit more interesting, put a capo on the 
first fret and play open on the E when the line "to get roughed up" is sung. Same applies 
for the other verse(s)

Any corrections, just email me. mgenese10201@yahoo.com