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So Jealous Chords

Tegan and Sara - So Jealous
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VERSE 1 (0:00-0:45)

F#                 F          
i don't want to be part of the problem
i try so hard to get roughed up
F#           F
fists on up, it looks that easy
it looks that way to me, it looks that way to you
F#                   F
but then there's you telling me I can
then there's you screaming say something

BRIDGE 1 (0:46-0:52)

i want the ocean right now
i want the ocean right now

CHORUS (0:53-1:07)
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A                C
i get so jealous that I can't even work

BRIDGE 2 (1:08-1:21)

there I am in the morning
i don't like what I see

VERSE 2 (1:22-2:06)

F#               F
I don't know how it's become such a problem
keep you up all night if I try to remain calm
F#               F 
how can they ask why I feel so angry
do you see my problem if I never explain it
F#                   F
but then there's you asking me how long
say something, it's taken me so long 

REPEAT BRIDGE 1 (2:07-2:13)

REPEAT CHORUS   (2:14-2:42)

REPEAT BRIDGE 2 (2:43-2:56)