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Gene Clark Chords

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"Gene Clark"

Chords by:  The Man from La Mancha (9452301@lewis.sms.ed.ac.uk)
     and    Emmanuel Renaud (renaud@lmi.univ-orleans.fr)
Intro riff by:  Chris Bray  (cbray@comp.uark.edu)

Intro riff:

D-----------------------7-7-7-9-9------------7--   repeat

Intro (chords):

D     A

Em       D         A            A       ( about thirteen times)


[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/teenage_fanclub/gene_clark_crd.html ]
G        D              G
When the circle finally formed
    A        D
you called me up
             G        A
the only one making a soung
  G          A            D     G
I can't work out what I want to see
  D       G               A
I bury my thoughts in the ground
Em      G         A
All the seeds you sow
        F#             G        A       G
are just looking for a space to grow

A  D      G
So sleep, sleep
    A        G     A    D     G  A  G
and lay your white body down
A  D      G
So sleep, sleep,
    A        G     A    D     G  A  G
and lay your white body down

(D G A G A)x4

D         G         A  G  A
No matter what you do
D         G         A  G  A
it all returns to you
D         G         A  G  A
No matter what you say
D       G              A   G  A
you'll hear it all someday

(fades out)