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Grim Reaper Chords

capo 4 to play with the song

C            C/B          Am
i'm dropping out of school 

Em           C   C/B Am
i've found a new job 

Em             F
doing what i love 

F                     G
and you can't stop me now 

G           C   
mom and dad 

C     C/B               Am
i'm sorry that you have 

Em                        F
to find things out this way 
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C         C/B            Am
but i guess you could say 

Em                 F
it's better now with me 

F               G        
being the one to take 
your souls away 

i wanna be the grim reaper 

Am                        F
i wanna be the grim reaper

F                  G                  C
nothing you say could change my mind

credits to berkmanjulia@gmail.com