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Dial Up Chords

Artist: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 
Song: Dial Up
Album: Tyranny of Distance
Tabber: Matt J. (JonesieSucks@gmail.com)

Chords:B6 e -4- C# -4- Ebm -6- E6 -9- B7 -X- C#7 -X-
	  B -4-    -5-     -7-    -9-    -X-     -X-
	  G -4-    -6-     -8-    -9-    -X-     -X-
	  D -4-    -6-     -8-    -9-    -4-     -6-
	  A -2-    -4-     -6-    -7-    -2-     -4-
	  E -X-    -X-     -X-    -X-    -X-     -X-

B6               C#
Pack up what you own,
        B6                 C#
and you dial up who you can phone,
        Ebm              C#
and you save up all your pennies,
       Ebm                     C#
and we hope but, oh -- is there any --
       Ebm            C#                   E6
and we wonder, oh, how can he put you out tonight?

B7             C#7
Go back in your mind,
B7              C#7
twenty years in time,
         Ebm                        C# 
and we値l go a-walking through your garden;
        Ebm                           C#
see the trees you planted in your yard then.
         Ebm                     C#
All your work, it didn稚 seem so hard then,
but it痴 hard tonight.

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B7                C#7
Five years further on,
         B7                       C#7
from the stage it looked like we壇 won,
       Ebm                          C#
but how many of those who heard you play
     Ebm                   C#
have gone their insouciant ways?
        Ebm                       C#
And the streets run bloody to this day,
and to your house tonight.

     Ebm        C#
And we, still so touched,
       Ebm            C#
can we offer you that much
       Ebm             C#
more than those who you fought
         Ebm         C#
and who left you with nought,
       E6  Ebm
and who lied to you?
    E6     Ebm
They lied to you
    E6             Ebm
but this you always knew.

     B6                  C#
So pack up your bulls and smalls,
          B6                          C#
and we値l tack up your painting on our walls,
          Ebm                     C#
and we値l write down all our songs then,
          Ebm              C#
and we値l right up all our wrongs then,
         Ebm                            C#
and we値l tear up the streets a million strong then,
in your name tonight.

repeat E6