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Freewheel Chords

Power Chords:
  G    C   Em    D    B


G                                C              Em 
 whole lot of things to say but i can't seem to hold on 
G                        C              Em      
 moved away it pulls me back to what i miss 
G                     C              Em    
 like talking talking talking to the mad queen 
      C             G 
about emotional evolution

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       D                   C         G      
well i do what i do and i don't need you 
    D                    C             G
to tell me what's in and tell me who's cool
         D                      C           
i've got no money left and the mean world around me
     G       Em        B       C   
and i don't need that girl to watch TV with 
  G             Em      B         C    
she's just the same girl over and over and over 
    G           Em      B        C          G      D     G  C  G   
and you can go back to your boyfriend 

Verse 2:
G                       C                    Em   
 half of this is me and i'm not sure who the other is 
G                       C            Em
 she maybe came        from  all of  you 
G                     C                 Em
 this house is warm i think i'll take a nap 
     C         G
just like Freewheel, Freewheel!!!

Repeat Chorus