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The Messenger Chords

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The Messenger
by The Tea Party

Chord Define:

 Emsus2        Dsus2        Csus2
---------    ---------    ---------
--2------    ---------    --3------
--2------    ---------    ----2----
---------    ------2--    ---------
----3----    ---3-----    ------3--
----3----    ---3--2--    ------3--

*Basically its the normal chords Em, D and C but add your two pinky fingers to the third fret*

Chord Progression:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tea_party/the_messenger_crd.html ]
Emsus2   Dsus2        Csus2      Dsus2(double stroke)
   got a letter from a messenger
   i read it when it came
   it said that you were wounded
   you were bound and chained
   you had love and you were handled
   you were poisoned you were pained
   oh no you were naked
   you were shamed

you could almost touch heaven
right there in front of you
liberty just slipped away on us
now there's so much work to do
 oh the door that closes tightly
is the door than can swing wide
 oh no not expecting to collide

 for a minute i let my guard down
 not afraid to be found out
  i completely forgot dear
 what our fears were all about
oh no there's no need to be without

if there's a chance i would take it
this desire i can't kill
 take my heart please don't break it
i will crawl to your foothill

 i'm frightened but i'm coming
please baby please lay still
oh no i'm not coming for the kill


chorded by Moleguitar

this song friggin rocks.


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