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Girl Of My Dreams Chords

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>From: (Roy M. Randall)
>Subject: CRD: Girl of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky

Recorded by Bram Tchaikovsky, 1979

|:D    |D4 D D2 D5 D2 D |G   |Asus  A  :|

Judy was an American girl.
She came in the morning with the U. S. mail,
G                           Asus          A       D
Didn't say nothing but she looked pretty good to me.
Golden hair that shines so bright,
Loving eyes that smile on sight,
G                                    A                    D
She could keep the secrets that we share in my world of dreams.
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   Bm                          A         G              D
A man needs something when he ain't got nothing to hold on to.
           Bm                      G                     A
And there ain't no telling when I feel like yelling, "I love you!"
D E/D         G/D           D   G                          A
Ooh, it gets lonely in the night when there ain't no one around.
D E/D         G/D           D   G                               A
Ooh, she makes me feel all right, kicks my feet right off the ground.
                       D  G Asus A                      D    G  Asus A
She's the girl of my dreams.     She's the girl of my dreams.

(guitar solo over verse)

Judy does what I've asked her to.
She makes me happy when I feel blue.
She stares with the eyes of a child and gets me to my knees.
Her heart never beats in time
'Cept when it's beating close to mine.
I keep her from my friends, locked away with my fantasies.


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