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Frequency Tab

Tantric - Frequency  (2001)

Tunning: Drop D + everything 1/2 step down so...

         Db  Ab  Db  Gb  Bb  Eb  = String Notes
         6   5   4   3   2   1   = String #

I recently took to listening to this song again and was very dissappointed with the
current tabs.  Most of the song is usually tabbed right, however, I could never find a
correct version of the Chorus for the guitar.  So this is my interpretation,which is 
more right than the versions listed here or elsewhere on the internet.  I know 100% that 
the left
hand position is correct from seeing them live. Play along and listen for yourself too.

h = hammer on
p = hammer off

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tantric/frequency_tab_ver_4.html ]
Eb ------------------|
Bb ----5-------------|
Gb --7-5------0-----0|
Ab --------5h7---3h5-|
Db ------------------|

*they are all eighth notes.

Eb ---------------------|------------------|
Bb ----------5----------|-7------8-----7---|
Gb ------5-----5h7p5----|---7------7-----7-|
Ab --0------------------|------------------|
Db ------------------0--|------------------|

I find that the first measure of the chorus is easily achievable by using a
fingering similar to an open F Chord.  The "5h7p5" is a triplet over 1 beat.  It is also
the hardest to hear on the recordings, so it may only be partially right. Trust your
ears here and play what feels right.

The second measure of the chorus I slide my index finger to 7 and bar all 3 strings(Bb,
Gb, Db stings) while using my middle finger to hit the 8 when it comes up.

Feel free to send comments my way at plummerda@yahoo.com.