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Womanhood Chords

He said hold on Patricia I only tried to kiss ya 
                  Bbm       G#7      C#
She said okay and then said don't ya dare  
She seemed so badly shaken, he thought he was mistaken 
                            Bbm       G#7     C#
But it sure looked like she bowed her head in prayer
            C#                                    F#    C#
I heard her sigh I am a Christian Lord but I am a woman too 
                                                         F#      C#
I heard her cry if you are listening Lord please show me what to do  
                          Bbm             G#7           F#
I saw her try I am trying hard to be what momma says is good  
C#          Bbm   G#7  C#
As I slip into my womanhood
Shortly after midnight she turned off the porch light 
And walked into her bedroom all alone  
She sat down and said well Lord tonight I've been through hell Lord 
Wondering if I did right or wrong
Chorus +:
Slowly slip into my womanhood 
Slowly slip into my womanhood 

by: Josť Duarte 
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