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Woman To Woman Chords

Woman To Woman 
Bb					  D#
If you think you've got your man in the palm of your hand
Bb             D#  
You better listen 
    Bb					  D#
And if you think you've got it made and his love will never fade
Bb		   D	          
You better listen

She's out there too 
            Bb					   D#                        
And she's a whole lot better looking than me and you
        C                            C7                    F 
She can do things to a man you never dreamed a woman could do
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If you think you'll keep your man for that gold wedding band
You better listen, hmmm
And if your sittin' there at home thinkin' how good you turned him on
You better listen

She's sweet when she talks 
And she bounces all over when she walks
She knows more about a man than your sweet momma ever told you

F           Bb       D7     Gm       Fm
I'm talking woman to woman, heart to heart
D#          Dm          C7  F
I'm singing straight to you
Bb            D7    Gm            Fm
Just woman to woman right from my heart
            D#         F         G#            G
And you can take it or leave it, ohh, but itís true
D#       F      Bb    D#  
Woman to woman, me to you.

by: Josť Duarte