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The Lovin Kind Chords

The Lovin' Kind

G                    C         D              G
Seems every time you come home that you never see
C                      D              Am   D
These lovin' arms that always wait so true
G                      C     D                    G
Your wonderin's like a fever you're always on the run
C                    D                     G  C  G G7
To sip the wine with women that don't love you
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  D                                B7                   Em
I guess it's been the romance that keeps your heart from longing
    C                  G    D                   Em
And keeps it from your mind that I'm the lovin' kind
D              G    C  G  D
I'm the lovin' kind

They can't feel like I feel when they're holdin' you
And way down deep I think you know I've tried
And they can't love like I love so I'll keep hanging on
And forget my part to keep you satisfied


by: Josť Duarte