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Run Woman Run
            G                    C             G      F       E 
Today's the day that your tellin him that he's got to set you free, 
         Am              D                G   C   D 
And that bein’ one man's woman brings you down,  
      G               C            G               F      E 
But before you throw away what you think you don't want today,  
              Am         D                    G     D 
Don't give it up for the new life that you've found,  
Run woman run,  
Go back to him and fix things up the very best you can,  
G            F                E   
Tell him you missed him while you were gone,  
Am        D                G   D 
Run woman run back to your man,  
You’re a young girl so understand, It's so hard to find a man,  
Who comes home every night to only you,  
You may not find true love again so go home while you still can, 
nd find a way to work it out with your man,  
Chorus +:  
C         D                C  G 
Run woman run back to your man

by: José Duarte
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