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Keep The Change 

It was so good when he loved you, 
I could tell by the sunshine on your face
I know he bought you pretty things
I know he made your world a happy place

And I remember when she loved you
And in those days you had someone to care
And through your long and lonely nights
When you needed someone, she was there
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Ah, but lately you're not smiling
And I don't see that sunshine like before
I know you've tried to make it work
But I don't think he loves you anymore

And I know she must have hurt you 
Cause I've seen the tears, you try so hard to hide
But if we had each other
It might just stop this hurt we have inside

C7        F  G            C
Change to me and keep the change
      F                 C
And I won't do you like he did 
      D                   G       C7 
And I won't hurt you like she did

Change to me and keep the change
And we'll never need another
Once we have each other

Change to me and keep the change 

by: Josť Duarte