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Ill See Him Through Chords

I'll See Him Through

C7           F		  Bb		   C7  
 Sometimes I wonder if he loves me like he used to
				 F     Am   Bb  C7
So many things bring doubt to my mind
          F		Bb		 C7  
It's only natural for a woman to sit and worry
				      F    Am   Bb  C7
And search for all the faults she can find
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Last night I waited up it seemed forever
And I'm not even sure when he came in
To make things worse he never tried to wake me
And offered no excuse for where he'd been

F   Bb   D#      Bb   
But I'll see him through, 
		      G7	      C7   F
For better for worse, Lord knows it's true cause I love him
Bb   D#      Bb   
I'll see him through
He gave me love when I needed it bad
Bb			 D#
He was the only thing on earth that I had
Bb                         F            Bb 
And that's the reason that I'll see him through

I'll see him through...

by: Josť Duarte