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Higher Ground Chords

Higher Ground 
A				    E               A
Well, I have sat alone at night and cried myself to sleep
			 	       E               A
And I have prayed my soul to take when sorrow seems so deep.
    D					      A
But darkness turns so quickly to the light of day
 				    E           A 	
When someone special came along and carried me away.
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            A 				 D		   A 
You lift me up when I get down, when I'm lost you turn me around
Wind and rain can't wash away the peace you give to me.
    D		A         E		    F#m	   
And in a sea of trouble I know that I won't drown
    D                A             E           D 
I'm safe 'cause your love lifts me to a higher ground (higher ground)
To a higher ground.

Troubled times may bring me down and drive me to my knees
And I am blinded by despair and cannot see.
But you take a hold and carry me again
Then I know I'll never break though I sometimes bend.


by: Josť Duarte