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Fifty Words or Less
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Bb                 F		    Gm   D#                Bb    
Trying to think of how Iíll say goodbye, God, donít let me cry
                      F	      Gm    D#               F    
Iíve lost the biggest contest of my life, I couldnít stand the lies
Bb          F		       Gm      D#           Bb    
I called it love you called it fun, respect I never won
              F	              Gm            D#                F    
Back when the hurtiní first begun shouldíve kept my pride and run

    D#		       F          Bb	
Now I donít want your shoulder to cry on 
D		        D#
But if I was put to the test
        Bb            D#             Dm   D#
I would write all the good times you gave me 
F                 Bb    D#  Bb D#   
In fifty words or less

Iíve tried to play it by your rules, I was a fool
To lose the game means losing you, looks like I lose


by: Josť Duarte