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Closer Than Ever Chords

Closer than ever

           B           E                B
Honey, Iím home and at last the day is over
         F#                              B
You been runniní through my mind all day long
                               E        B
And thereís something Iím just dying to tell you
          F#                    B 
Weíre not loviní enough here at home
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And maybe itís a womanís intuition,
For I had those same feelings too
Weíve been living not loving together
And Iím so glad to hear it from you

B7                                            A  E
Turn out the lights, come to bed, letís get together
                  F#                                        B
Cause when youíre touching me you, mean so much to me in my arms
           E                                D  A      
You know I cared, Iíll be there, it will be better
         B                           E 
Weíll be closer than ever than ever again
B                 E 
Closer than ever again