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Between Twenty Nine And Danger Chords

Between Twenty-Nine and Danger

Bb				G#
I made up my mind today while makiní up my bed
     D#				       Bb
That Iíll make up my face instead of makiní up some bread
Tired to putiní up with someone who puts me down
   D#				       Bb
So I put on my brand new dress and I sneak off to town
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        G#              D#            G#        D#
Between twenty-nine and danger in the arms of a stranger
    G#           D#              D#7
But that kind of danger would be sweet,
Would be sweet relief to me

While he took a bath I took his car keys from the shelf
And I went through his (?) and for once I helped myself
Iíve washed socks and shirts and dishes for that man
But today the only thing Iím washing is my hands


Iím not old, Iím like my car, Iíve got some good years left
But the thought of growing old with him scares me to death
Got to learn to walk alone before he makes me crawl
Iíd rather be a (?) tramp than nothing at all


by: Josť Duarte