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Alive And Well Chords

Alive and Well 
F#		   F#maj7    F#7				B
I wish my love for you could die the way that your love did for me
  C#7								  F#
I wish that I could lay to rest the memory of how good it used to be
               F#7	  C#m           F#                B
If I could I'd take a gun aim it at the past and shoot to kill
  Bm               F#  
Instead I lay here every night
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    A7				 G        A7
And oh my love for you is still alive and well
           G       D
And in the best of health 
Although it's been through hell
D				           G      A7
Since you left it hasn't shown one sign of giving up
               G      D
It still won't let me love
       A7					D    D#m E C#
Nobody else, my love for you is still alive and well

I didn't know that love could ever live this long all my itself
And keep on feeling just as strong as it was feeling on the day you left
In this cold and lonely bed the memories should die just from the chill
But it stays warm inside my heart             


by: Josť Duarte