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The Bidding Chords

this is my second tab. sorry about lack of format   

        Am            Dm       C     E
I've been sleeping in a cardboard box
           Am            Dm       C     E
spending every dollar at the liquor shop
                   Am             C     F
and even though I know I haven't got a lot
   Dm               E            G#m       Am
I try to give you loving till the day you drop

           Am                Dm      C      E
I've been training like a Pavlov dog
                    Am       Dm        C     E       
sent my independence out to take a hike
              Am         C        F       Dm
all you gotta do is activate my bell
           E            G#m       Am
and I'll fetch you anything you like
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        D          C
going once, going twice
       F            G           
every man here has a price
       D            C
over here, over there
        F             G
sold to not a single lady in here

(other verses are the same as the 2 before)


       D             C
going twice, going thrice
             F                 G
guess this means we'll go 4 times a lady

 A         E               D           A
I promise I'll be all you need, ever need
       Bm             E     A          D
you'll never have to shop around
A          E               D           A
I'll give you all you ever need, ever need
        Bm            E          A            D
don't worry I will never let you down, let you down
        Bm            E           A
don't worry I will never let you down.

Chorus chords over the last part

end on D

Tally Hall = awesome