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Back For Good Chords

Howdy!  This song was requested at a party I did and I noticed that 
the version you have is incorrect.  The song is in F (not E as shown 
on the current .crd file), and it sounds closest to the recording when 
played capoed at the 3rd fret.  Thus yeilding the following, corrected 
version.  Thanks to whoever did the original chords for the words and 

      Back for Good
        Take That

By : G. Barlow

CAPO III (chords relative to the Capo)

Intro : D Em G A
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/take_that/back_for_good_crd_ver_2.html ]
       D      Em          G   A     D      Em     
        I Guess now it's time to give up
                      G    A              
        I feel it's time
              F                  Em                 
        Got a picture of you beside me 
               G                  A       
        Got a lipstick mark still on 
                    D    Em                
        your coffe cup
            G   A                         
        Oh yeah
               D             Em    
        Got a fist of pure emotion
               G                 A        
        Got a head of shattered dreams
               Bm             Bm/A            
        Gotta leave it, gotta leave it
              G        A                          
        now behind now
      _     D              Em              
     |  Whatever I said, whatever I did I
     |         G                                 
     |  didn't mean it
     |         A                   D              
   C |  I just want you back for good
   H |             Em              G        
   O |  Want you back, want you back, want you back
   R |        A                                           
   U |  for good
   S |      D                Em                            
     |  Whatever I'm wrong just tell me
     |                     G                     
     |  the song and I'll sing it
     |             A              D              
     |  You'll be right and understood
     |               Em            G      A                       
     |_ Want you back, want you back for good
        D     Em        G    A                        
        Unaware but figured I falled out
             D           Em                
        The story , no , no
               G            A              
        It want good , no , no
                   D            Em         
        But in the corner of my mind I
        A             D    Em                        
        Celebrated glory
                  G          D            
        But that was not to be
               D             Em           
        In the twist of separation you
           G               A              
        Excelled at being free
        Can't you find, can't you find a 
               Bm/A            G    A                  
        little room inside for me

        Gmaj7           D/F#   Gmaj7             D/F#           
        And we'll be together, this time is forever
        Em                      D/F#                           
        We'll be fighting and forever we will be
                Bm          Bm/A                               
        So complete in our love
                Gmaj7                 A                      
        We will never be uncovered again