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When The Smoke Is Going Down Tab

Artist: System Of A Down (SOAD)
Song: When The Smoke Goes Down (Cover)
Tuning: DROP C (As always)
Tabbed by: Adam Eugenio ( (AIM: X SiMPLiSTiK)

This is a song that System Of A Down plays with some 
$h1+y-@$$ Rap group that I can't remeber the name of.
Still a cool song though. Though i'm not sure wich
people from SOAD take part in this song.
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Master DAron plays this after "Prison Song" sometimes on the live videos
from Lowlands.  It's really easy, and I'm pretty sure this is right, I've listened
to it and watched his fingers a thousand times!

Thats all there is to it, its pretty easy.