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From: (Jonathan Singer)
Date: 9 Aug 1995 14:08:05 GMT
Subject: Re: David Sylvian: Orpheus

As I have neither guitar nor cassette nearby, both the chords and lyrics 
may be a bit off.
Perhaps some kind sould could clean up any errors and send it on to OLGA, 
if it doesn't yet exist there... .

by David Sylvian
From the Album: "Secrets of the Beehive"

Introduction: E-C-A-F  (the C and A may be in reverse order, sorry)

Standing here on this stony ground

The wind blows hot, pulls these clothes around

I harbour all the same worries as most

The temptation to leave or to give up the ghost

I wrestle with an outlook on life

That shifts between darkness and shadowy light

I struggle with words, for fear that they'll hear

      Bb                                           A
But Orpheus sleeps on his back, still dead to the world

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Verse 2: (same chords)

Sunlight falls, my wings open wide
There's a beauty here that I cannot deny
In bottles that tumble and crash on the stairs
Just so many people I knew never cared

Down below on the wreck of the ship
There's a stronghold of pleasures I couldn't regret
But the baggage is swallowed up by the tide
As Orpheus keeps to his promise and stays by my side


Am      G
Tell me - I'd still love to learn

Am         G
Understand - These fires never die

Am         G
Believe me - When this joke is tired of laughing

Am               D            F         G
I will be - the promise of my Orpheus' singing

Intro (x2)

Verse 3:

Asleep as sleepers we row the boat
Just you, the weather, and I gave up hope
But all of the hurdles that fell in our lives
Were fuel for the fire and straw for our backs

Still the voices of stories to tell 
Of the power struggles of heaven and hell
But we feel secure again, such mighty dreams
As Orpheus sings of the promise tomorrow may bring.

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